A new begining

Dear Friends and fellow Bloggers

Why Blogg?

In an effort to discuss what older / retired Bengali speaking  people from the Indian – sub-continent think of their lives in the UK  / USA I have started this blog. My aim is to collect their hopes and aspirations and spread their knowledge for the greater good of the general community. Hopefully people can share their experiences and thereby educate and inform the rest of us.


I was born in Calcutta and have lived in the UK almost all my life after my  parents had migrated in the 1960s. Yet I have managed to keep my connections with India through family and friends. Although, this link with India may not be strong with generations who were born in the UK / USA.  

Discussion point

My first discussion point is: what are the three things that you think might help make your life better?

Please provide your thoughts.


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Hello world!

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